Medical IDs for Kids


Make sure your child is identified with a medical ID from Universal Medical ID. With a selection of medical IDs in Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, 10k Gold-Filled, 10k and 14k Gold, we have numerous bracelet and necklace options for you and your child to choose from. Our “Build Your ID” process enables you and your child to work together to design a medical ID that best fits your child’s lifestyle.

If you are looking for an adjustable ID, we recommend our Stainless Steel Bracelet. Our Curb style chain allows for links to be removed and added as your child grows. For a child involved in outdoor and physical activities, we recommend our durable Stainless Steel Classic Bracelet, Necklace or Sportband. If a necklace best fits your child’s needs, our Heart Charm, Classic, Pendant and Dog Tag necklaces are ideal selections. Finally, take a look at the new Flex Collection--the most recent addition to our kids' medical ID product line!

To make your kid’s medical ID more noticeable, select a round or hex shaped Alert Charm in red or blue.

As you build your medical ID, keep in mind that Sterling Silver, 10k Gold-Filled, 10k and 14k Gold are all precious metals. Precious metals are soft and tend to scratch easier.  If you have a toddler or extremely active child, we recommend a durable Stainless Steel medical ID. 


Medical IDs for Kids

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