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Think of MyIHR as an extension of your engraved medical ID. The bracelet or necklace you wear shows a brief summary of medical information and care instructions.

A MyIHR file offers added space to keep additional details and a more thorough description of your medical background including:
  • Precise care requests
  • Physician contacts
  • Expanded description of your medical conditions
  • Complete list of allergies
  • Family emergency contacts
  • Organ donor cards
  • Immunization records and more

Access information is engraved on your Medical ID bracelet or necklace tells how to locate and view your MyIHRfile.

This allows a medical caregiver to access your file at www.MyIHR.com. Another option is for them to call the toll-free 800 number and access your file with live personal assistance. Armed with this additional knowledge they will be in a much better position to provide timely and appropriate care for you - possibly life-saving medical care!

Best of all, the MyIHR is something you are in complete control of. You set it up. You maintain it. You control it.

As you move, travel, change jobs, doctors or insurance policies, your file is not affected. In other words, it is completely portable, staying with you wherever you go. And as your personal medical information changes it can change too.


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