Frequent Questions

Is the Online Medical Registry a good idea for me?

A few examples of individuals who are good candidates for utilizing the Online Medical Registry are:

  • Anyone with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, neurological disorders, memory impairment or communication difficulty, etc.
  • Persons who have complicated medical conditions, multiple allergies or numerous medications too numerous to engrave on the limited space of a medical ID.
  • Individuals whose medical information is subject to change from time to time.
  • Frequent travelers
  • Those who prefer not to (or refuse) to wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace.
  • Anyone who might have difficulty explaining their medical condition whenever medical personnel or family members who would normally speak for them, are not present or available.
  • Those seeking a place to keep important documents which can be easily viewed in an emergency.

I already wear a medical ID. Why should I have an Online Medical Registry file?

Wearing a medical ID is an excellent means of conveying important medical facts. The Online Medical Registry file allows for more in depth descriptions of medical information, complete lists of medications or allergies, multiple emergency contacts, phone numbers, key document storage, etc.

Who will have access to my file?

Anyone who has your personal access code will be able to view your file. Only with your private password can your file be changed in any way.

Will my medical information be kept private?

The main value of setting up an Online Medical Registry file is to have your important medical information easily accessible at a time when you are unable to communicate and your doctor (s) or family members are not around. So it is advisable to make your access code easy to locate, preferably on a highly visible medical ID bracelet or necklace.

With this in mind, it is possible that someone other than a medical professional might one day see your file without your authorization. Highly confidential, potentially embarrassing or other information you do not wish to be revealed under any circumstance should not be placed onto your file. The best use of your file in these cases is to instruct the viewer who to contact, or where to go in order to obtain the sensitive documents or information.

What does it cost to have a file on the Online Medical Registry?

After purchasing a medical ID, you may enroll in the Online Medical Registry at NO CHARGE! There are no annual fees or renewal charges associated with your Online Medical Registry lifetime membership. Persons who wish to obtain an Online Medical Registry file who have not purchased an Universal Medical ID may do so for a one-time fee of $32.95.

How can I m ake edits to my existing Online Medical Registry file?

Simply visit www.MyOMR.com in order to access your existing Online Medical Registry file. Once logged into your file, enter your password to make file updates and additions.

How large a file or document may I upload to my Online Medical Registry?

The maximum file size for upload should not exceed 5 megs.


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