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Colliers d'alerte médicale amusants que les enfants adorent porter. Choisissez parmi des pendentifs amusants et élégants qui peuvent être gravés sur mesure spécialement pour les enfants. Options de longueur et de métal confortables disponibles.


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  1. Heart-shaped gold pendant with embossed medical emblem Collier à Breloque avec un Cœur rempli d'Or 10 Carats
    La Plus Vendue
    Collier à Breloque avec un Cœur rempli d'Or 10 Carats
    154,95 $ - 164,95 $
  2. Collier à Breloque avec un Coeur Rouge rempli d'Or 10 Carats
    164,95 $ - 174,95 $
  3. Collier Vintage rempli d'Or 10 Carats
    159,95 $ - 169,95 $

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Why Buy Medical ID Necklaces for Kids & Teens at American Medical ID?

American Medical ID offers a comprehensive selection of medical ID necklaces for children through teenagers. Since every ID we offer is custom engraved, you’ll have the opportunity to select the most important medical information to protect your child in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various benefits of wearing a medical necklace?

A medical necklace is designed to advocate for the wearer in a medical emergency. Medical professionals check the wrist for a bracelet or neck for a necklace to inform them of any complicating conditions, important allergies, and other relevant medical information to provide the best life-saving methods for each unique situation. Wearing a medical ID necklace minimizes the chance of a medical error in an emergency. 

Along with the practical benefits of a medical ID necklace, you’ll also benefit from peace of mind knowing that your child is protected in an emergency where you may not be present immediately.

How is medical information displayed on a kid’s medical alert pendant?

The life-saving information is laser engraved into the pendant or dog tag to be easily readable by medical professionals. All engraving is completed within our Houston, Texas, headquarters and quality checked before shipment.

What do I put on a medical ID necklace for a toddler?

Since younger children may not be able to effectively communicate their important medical information during an emergency, it is critical to include any information that is life-saving. This often includes conditions, medications, allergies, and your emergency contact information.

What if I can’t fit all required conditions on the medical pendant necklace?

If you can’t fit all the important information on the pendant, you can first research to determine if anything can be abbreviated. For example, Type 1 Diabetes can be abbreviated as “T1D.” Another option is to select an Expandable Wallet Card in checkout and include all the relevant medical information in the wallet card, referencing on the medical ID “See Wallet Card” will alert medical professionals to locate and review the wallet card.

What does the symbol on these medical necklaces mean?

The symbol seen on the medical ID necklaces is either a caduceus or referred to as “Staff of Hermes” and has a long history of representing medical information. Medical professionals are trained to detect medical ID bracelets and necklaces that include this symbol.


What conditions require a medical necklace for my child?

A medical necklace is often recommended by the primary care physician but can be purchased by anyone. It does not require a prescription. Browse the list of conditions that require a medical necklace to learn more.

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