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Customer Life Stories

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We are proud of the work we do. But even more, we are proud of our courageous customers. Their many stories about the comfort and critical help provided by our medical IDs encourage us to continue working to the highest standards. Read the testimonies of our friends. We believe they will touch and inspire you too.

If you have the same experience with your Universal Medical ID, we'd love to hear them too. Visit our Tell Us Your Story page.

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Rachel Martel, Regina, Saskawtchewan

I didn’t find out I was severely allergic to penicillin until I was in a car accident in 2019. For the first time, I experienced going into anaphylactic shock and wish to never, EVER, feel that again. I immediately looked into what I needed to make sure the world would know about this allergy just in case of another emergency. I was given a pamphlet for Universal Medical ID from my pharmacy and went to the website. I loved that there were a variety of options and realized that my mother, who is an insulin dependent diabetic, should also have one. I ordered for both of us! This little piece of jewelry gives me such peace of mind that if something happens and I am unable to communicate, it will keep me safe. I appreciate it more than words can say. Thank you!

Michelle Lord

As someone living with Type 1 Diabetes, it's really important for me to have a medical ID on. A lot of type 1 diabetics can act strange when their blood sugar is low and to someone else this may look like the type 1 diabetic is drunk or on some sort of drugs. If you're wearing a medical ID saying that you have diabetes, this can really help explain some of your strange symptoms and help you get treatment faster.

John van der Poll

For many years I had a pulse rate of 37 beats per minute as well as an irregular heartbeat. Recently I had a heart attack and while in hospital, my heartrate had dropped to 30 beats per min. and had completely stopped for 5 seconds. A pacemaker was inserted to regulate the heartrate. I am so thankful for an ID to gain speedy help when necessary in times of crises.

Cheryl Linklater

As I get older there is more of a chance I could have a medical emergency. I feel at peace knowing my medications are documented. In a instant medical teams are able to have access to my up to date information. It is up to the individual to take care of their personal health. In a stressfull time it is not our partner or childrens responsibility to dig through the files looking for health care information.

Lois Hanson

On March 6th, 2017 I was at work and did not feel well. I checked my BP and it was near perfect. I knew something was not right. My pulse was in the low 40's. Over the course of the next several weeks my health deteriorated. I was having several episodes a day, feeling like I was about to pass out. Finally a doctor diagnosed me with sick sinus syndrome and told me my pulse was hovering in the 30's. On April 18, 2017 I had a pacemaker put in. No more dizziness. No more lethargy. I feel so much better. I have ordered my bracelet so medical personnel are aware if something should happen to me. I also ordered one for my daughter. She has congenital heart disease. Thanks Universal Medical ID for having such a variety of products to choose from.

Angie S., St. Albert, Alberta

It all started one morning eight years ago, I was in the third grade and woke up with pain all over my body, specifically my stomach. We assumed it was just a stomach bug and in a few days it would pass and I would be back to a normal eight year old. However, that was not the case; a month later I was just as sick. Eventually we stumbled across Universal Medial ID and I loved the entire selection of bracelets. We also loved the free engraving and affordable shipping! Once my medical ID arrived, I instantly fell in love. Now I am 16, always wearing my medical ID and just loving life! Thanks Universal Medical ID!

Kelli D.

I have had 6 brain surgeries; the first one in 1973. Not until a mistake by the last Doctor did I have any problems. I am now still healing from the last procedure on April 1, 2009. At this time I have a spot on my brain (from the bleed in 2009) that presents a potential for seizures. I had my first, and hopefully last, seizure in September of 2011. I am thankful that I was not home alone, but because of the possibility of another seizure, I purchased a medical ID with the necessary medical information listed on it. I do feel safe now and know that if I am ever alone and need assistance in a medical emergency, my ID will possibly save my life.

Annie-Dannielle G., Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec

After a long research online, Universal Medical ID seemed the best choice for me. It was a trustworthy company, with prices I could afford (I'm unable to work because of the illness) but it also had lots of choices. I chose a very simple stainless steel bracelet, wanting something obvious for first respondents, and something sturdy. Now I feel safer. The bracelet won't prevent accidents, it won't prevent me from catching an infection which could prove fatal and it won't keep me from complications; but it might mean better and faster treatment if such a thing happens. It may be life instead of death.